By Michael Woloszynowicz

By Michael Woloszynowicz

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Be Consistent

I was recently asked to go over a document storage company’s product and offer up some advice on usability, strategy, etc. During my exploration I came across some rather pronounced consistency issues that can prove deadly to customer acquisition. The more I thought about, the more I realized that such problems were not unique to this company. I therefore implore you to make your applications copy and actions consistent, or you run the risk of looking foolish. Some examples of contradiction include:
  • Stating that all content is stored securely with the highest level of encryption but at the same time not using HTTPS on your payment collection page
  • Saying that your support is the best and burying your phone number in obscure locations, or not providing a number at all
  • Claiming to be “enterprise ready” and having no API
  • Etc.

When dealing with people, how quickly do you lose respect for someone when their actions contradict their words? The same is true of your product. If you make a bold claim, ensure that everything in your application is not only consistent with it, but serves to solidify it. 

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